Facebook Loyalty App

Are you being rewarded for maintaining your Facebook site

Many companies are maintaining a Facebook site to get in touch with their customers. Setting up and maintaining such a Facebook site is a hard and tedious work, because the content has to be changed frequently. A Return on Invest can just be achieved, if your users are interacting on your site. This means your users have to like, share and comment your articles as often as possible.

In order to enhance the interaction with your Facebook Community GAMINSIDE has developed a Social Loyalty App. This App will be directly integrated into your Facebook site. Now you can reward your users for interactions on your Facebook site with points. Once a user has collected enough points, this points can be traded in a shop. Of course this shop is also located in your Facebook site and can easily be managed by yourself. The number of Points that are given per interaction can be adjusted within a few clicks. .Also the  Interface can be configured to fit your CI

The GAMINSIDE Facebook App can be setup in just a few days