Loyalty Card 4.0

Tomorrows Customer Loyalty

Plastic Customer Loyalty Cards or saving stamps are old fashioned. GAMINSIDE has the Loyalty Card of Tomorrow.

In comparison to other already established customer Cards or Discount coupon Systems the GAMINSIDE Loyalty Solution allows not only to gain loyalty points for shopping. With the GAMINSIDE Loyalty Card 4.0 – a Mobile App for Android or iOS – YOU can get in direct touch with YOUR customers by pushing advertisements or promotions direct on the mobile device of your customers. Your customers get loyalty points for viewing and sharing these Information with others. The collected Points can be traded in a shop with credit vouchers or goods. This shop  is available in the App and can easily be maintained by you.

The GAMINSIDE Loyalty Card 4.0 is a cloud solution, so there is no need for you to setup a complex IT Server infrastructure.  The Solution can be adjusted to your CI and is ready for you within a few days.

     Modernize your customer relationship with GAMINSIDE Loyalty Card 4.0